February 11, 2018

Dear Fishermen and Ladies,

It’s with serious regret that I am no longer running the Rayburn Oilmen’s Classic. I, along with some of the board members have discussed this and have come to this conclusion. We are shutting it down, permanently. We have striven over the years to put on a great tournament and I feel we have been successful in doing so. I know this may come as a surprise to some who may not be familiar with how we put these events on. We are one industry, “Oilfield”, be it an Operator or a Service company, as such, we are all struggling to get the sponsorship money it requires to put on a quality event. For the past several years the ROC has had a very hard time raising money to put on the tournament. It’s completely understandable giving the state of our industry these past few years simply because there is a limited amount of money available for sponsorship’s for oilfield tournaments throughout the year.  Entry fees alone are not enough to sustain a tournament of this magnitude given the expenditures associated with it.

For all those who have been so faithful in fishing and supporting the tournament, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I sincerely hope you will continue to participate in the other oilfield events as they do so much for many charities and I know they appreciate your support.

Please get the word out to anyone you know who may be contemplating fishing this year and for all those who had the carryover funds from our cancelled event last year, you will be refunded all your entry fee as well as any assessment made through  our website.


Sincerely Grateful,

Charlie Parks

ROC President